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The 10th Judicial Circuit - Jefferson County, Birmingham and Bessemer Divisions

The Tenth Judicial Circuit of the Alabama State Court system consists of the Birmingham and Bessemer Divisions.  Information about the various judges, court personnel, filing fees and juror information can all be found on this website.

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In response to an administrative complaint surrounding disparate pretrial practices by The Office of Civil Rights, the Office of Justice Programs, and The US Department of Justice, the presiding judge of the Alabama 10th Judicial Circuit began the process of voluntary compliance with Title VI regulations. Compliance required a new pretrial service for the 10th Judicial Circuit which uses risk to not appear, charge type, and prior convictions as the primary basis for release decisions, rather than the ability to pay monetary bonds. The UAB Department of Psychiatry, Substance Abuse Division, operates the TASC criminal justice programs. Pretrial services will be administered by TASC in the Department of Psychiatry at UAB.

The pretrial staff will be housed in existing Criminal Justice Center space that is allocated for other TASC programs. Staff will work Monday through Friday in the Jefferson County Jails (Birmingham and Bessemer). All equipment, office supplies, and mileage will be paid by UAB through the pretrial memorandum of understanding with Jefferson County. Staff members will assess all new jail entrants for risk to not appear, risk to public safety/risk to reoffend, mental health needs, substance abuse treatment needs, and the need for appointed legal counsel. Reports will be developed by court advocates and presented to judges at 48 hours hearings for individuals who are not immediately released on low level supervision. Judges will determine supervision level, and pretrial staff will ensure that the supervision is carried out as set forth in a judicially pre-determined condition matrix. UAB pretrial staff will not make recommendations to the court on level of supervision, but will present summary data on each case that allows judges to make supervision decisions as designed by their peers, the District Attorney's office, and the Public Defender's office.

Scope of Work:

  • Assess all jail entrants on risk to not appear using the VPRAI assessment, mental health treatment needs, substance abuse treatment needs, and screen for the need for appointed legal counsel.
  • Determine which individuals can be released on low-level supervision and which need to be assessed by a judge at a 48-hour hearing
  • Develop a report for each individual who will be presented at 48-hour hearings
  • Supervise each individual as set forth by the decision matrix up to the second appearance date
For more information see on file with the Circuit Clerk of Jefferson County or the Presiding Judge's Office:

October 13, 2017
Please see the attached order (PDF format) entered by Chief Justice Malone concerning mandatory electronic filing in the civil divisions of the circuit and district courts effective October 1, 2012.  Also attached hereto (PDF format) are the Administrative Policies and Procedures for Electronic Filing in the Civil Divisions of the Alabama Unified Judicial System.  If you have any questions, please contact IT Support Division (866) 954-9411 Option 1, then Option 4. September 7, 2012
The Alabama Supreme Court has approved changes to the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure: Limited Scope Representation (Unbundling of Legal Services) (effective immediately) and Privacy Protections in Court Filings (effective August 12, 2012).  PDF copies of these Orders are availalbe for download. March 28, 2012
Please be aware that attorneys who need to update their contact information within the State Judicial Information System (SJIS) will no longer need to contact the Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) directly.  Please see this PDF announcement for information on updating attorney contact information with the Alabama State Bar.
Please see this Administrative Order from the Presiding Judge regarding budget cuts and remedial measures. It is available as a PDF document here.April 14, 2011.
A revised, generic scheduling and trial setting order to be used in the Circuit Civil Division of Jefferson County courts has been issued.  It is available in PDF format here.April 12, 2011.
Please read this administrative order on electronic case files.March 24, 2011.
The Administrative Order creating the Commercial Litigation Docket in Birmingham Circuit Civil court can be found here (PDF format).April 16, 2010
All practitioners are encouraged to review the Code of Pretrial and Trial Conduct provided by the American College of Trial Lawyers (PDF format).December 3, 2009.
All Birmingham Circuit Civil Division practitioners: please see this memorandum (PDF format) regarding motion practice in the Jefferson County, Birmingham Division, Circuit Civil courts.March 20, 2009
The Birmingham Civil Differential Case Management Plan has been updated and revised and is now available as a PDF download. Also, the general pre-trial Scheduling Order is available for download as a PDF file.  See the DCMP Revision article for more information and to download the DCMP and Scheduling Order. January 26, 2009.
Persons interested in becoming Court Interpreters in the Alabama State Judicial System must register with the Administrative Office of Courts using this PDF form.  Please complete the form and submit it to the Administrative Office of Courts to register.  For more information, please download and review the form.  For complete information on the Administrative Office of Courts’ Foreign Language Interpreter Certification Program, visit 8, 2009
These Criminal Case Appointment Forms are required to be completed by any attorney applying for appointed cases in Jefferson County's Criminal Division circuit courts.  The forms must be completed by the applicant attorney and signed by the presiding judge of the Birmingham Circuit Criminal Division, Hon. C. Tommy Nail. October 7, 2008.
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