Jefferson County, Alabama

Jefferson County, Unified Judicial System, State of Alabama

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Jefferson County, Birmingham Division, Juror Information

Important Information

All persons entering the court facilities are subject to being searched.  No weapons, sharp objects, or recording devices are allowed in any Jefferson County Court building without court permission.  If you have any doubt about an object, the best course of action would be to leave it at home.  Turn off any cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices before entering a courtroom.

Should you have an emergency, please contact the Jury Assembly Room at either 325-5063, 325-5064 or Bonita G. Conley, Court Administrator, at 325-5674.

When you receive your summons for jury duty, you must notify your employer immediately in order to be excused from work.  Full time employees are entitled to their usual compensation while serving as a juror.  A juror cannot be terminated from employment for serving as a juror.  Click on the "FAQ" tab for more information.

Jurors are paid $10.00 per day and $0.05 per mile for each day of their service.  Work certificates are issued to each juror at the end of their service indicating the number of days served and the amount of pay they received.

The Jefferson County Jury Assembly Room

Jury Assembly Room