Jefferson County, Alabama

Jefferson County, Unified Judicial System, State of Alabama

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Jefferson County, Birmingham Division, Juror Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless internet access is now available in the jury assembly room.

What are the general qualifications for jurors?

To qualify for jury duty one must be reputed to be honest, intelligent, possess integrity, good character and sound judgment.  A juror must also be an American citizen who has resided in the Birmingham Division of Jefferson County, Alabama for at least twelve months; over 19 years of age; able to read, speak and understand instructions given in the English language; physically and mentally capable of serving; and not have lost the right to vote because of a criminal conviction.

What are my responsibilities as a juror?

  1. Jurors must be prompt.
  2. Jurors must give their undivided attention during trial.  Listen carefully to the testimony and the judge’s instructions
  3. During jury selection, jurors must provide complete and accurate information to all questions.  It is better to give too much information than not enough.
  4. Until the judge tells the jury to begin deliberations, jurors must not discuss the facts of the case among themselves or with anyone.  Jurors must not engage in conversations with anyone involved in the trial, including attorneys, parties and witnesses.
  5. Jurors must decide the case based on the evidence presented during trial.  Therefore, jurors must not conduct any independent investigation of their own, such as visiting the scene of an incident, considering news reports, and consulting the internet, dictionaries, and other publications.
  6. Jurors must remain impartial until they have heard all of the evidence and the law.  Keep an open mind until the conclusion of the case.
  7. When the trial and deliberations are concluded the jury must render a verdict in accordance with the facts as determined from the evidence and the law given to you by the judge.
  8. After the trial is over jurors are not obligated to answer questions from the lawyers, the press or the parties.  If unwanted questions persist, contact the court immediately.

What do I tell my employer?

When you are summoned for jury duty, you must immediately notify your employer in order to be excused from work.  If you are released from jury duty during the week, you must return to work.  When you are discharged from jury duty, you will be given a Certificate of Jury Service to take to your employer as proof of your jury service.  Full time employees are entitled to their usual compensation while serving as a juror.  A juror cannot be terminated from employment for serving as a juror.  (Ala. Act No. 2005-311.)

Am I compensated for jury service?

You will be paid $10 per day for jury duty along with mileage for traveling to the Courthouse.

What should I wear during jury service?

Wear comfortable clothing, but dress in a way that reflects the seriousness of jury service.

Who can I contact about jury service?

Contact the Jefferson County, Birmingham Division Court Administration at (205) 325-5674.